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The BBC has installed Wellpoints in key locations across the UK as part of its employee health and wellbeing initiative.

According to the BBC, “the Wellpoints provide a state-of-the-art machine providing the user with the facility to take their own health metrics, in confidence, without having to make an appointment or see a health professional”. The Wellpoints also provide advice and guidance, but gives the user the responsibility for taking action where needed.

The BBC instructs employees on the value of health monitoring and reminds staff that there are an estimated 7 million people living with cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the UK. CVD accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths, meaning 160,000 lives are lost to the disease every year in the UK. About 41,600 of these are premature and affect those of working age.

The Wellpoints are located in buildings around the BBC at 13 different locations including Broadcasting Centre in London, Salford, Cardiff Llandaf and Glasgow Pacific Quay – with seven permanent Wellpoints and additional mobile units.

The Wellpoint check takes about 4 ½ minutes for each individual. Once completed, employees are given a printout of results and also emailed to the individual. This will also include a number links for further reading and access to the free Well.Me online portal. The Well.Me Dashboard gives BBC employees a summary of their current health metrics, as taken on a Wellpoint kiosk. You can see your results, how they relate to the ideal or recommended values and your history and any personal goals you’ve set for yourself.