National Grid Case Study

UK energy infrastructure company National Grid is one of the most established users of Wellpoints with over ten years’ continuous operation. The company currently has five Wellpoints at different locations and is in the process of upgrading to new Wellpoints that will coincide with the Well.Me digital health tracking service being rolled out to employees.

With over 6,000 employees and a team of just three people to look after their mental and physical wellbeing, the automation of health services is important at National Grid. In addition to Wellpoints, the company also provides a virtual GP service to staff.

“We are focused on establishing a healthy and happy workforce that are on site and working,” explains Dawn McCarroll, Physical Wellbeing Officer at National Grid. “We track sickness absence days as our key metric, but we are now also looking at blood pressure data to judge wellbeing.”

With many employees located outside of offices, National Grid also has the challenge of how to monitor wellbeing among mobile workers as well as the office-based staff. Wellpoints are located in prominent positions in National Grid buildings to encourage usage, and the benefits of tracking vital health metrics are communicated during team meetings.

“Our office workers are already well aware of, and appreciate our efforts in health and wellbeing,” adds McCarroll.  “The challenge is the out of office workforce. We need to provide encouragement for some employees while observing the fine line between telling people what to do and informing them of their choices.”