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Siemens Case Study

Siemens, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, has run a wellbeing campaign since 2015 across its 49 sites in the UK. The campaign is aimed at increasing workforce happiness and productivity by encouraging employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Inspired by a local Siemens branch in Newcastle which wanted a better employee health programme, Siemens rolled out Wellpoints as the core of its nationwide employee wellbeing campaign. Supplemented by physiologist and nurse led face-to-face checks, Wellpoints were initially placed in all major sites with over 500 employees.Staff are also able to track health metrics through the Well.Me digital service.

“The biggest reason for using the Wellpoints is keeping employees healthy and empowering them to make better lifestyle decisions. It’s all about the value our wellbeing programme can deliver for individual employees.” said James Brown, the Health Management Lead at Siemens. “Another big driver was how the focus on wellbeing made us much more attractive as employers to potential staff.”

Rather than simply harvesting the data, Siemens’ wellbeing programme focuses on alerting employees to health issues and helping them to make positive changes. The company uses the Wellpoint and Well.Me systems concurrently to empower employees to improve fitness by giving them access to their personal healthcare data.

Today, the location and requirement for Wellpoints is decided by each Siemens site and set up in high profile locations as this has been shown to drive usage.

“We selected Wellpoints as they are the market leaders as well as the thought leaders in the sector,” explains Brown.  “We also liked the combination of physical Wellpoint health checking system and the digital Well.Me wellbeing tracking service.”