Early warnings from Wellpoint sparked medical intervention for electrical engineer

Insight / 22 July 2020

When Dave Chandler checked his blood pressure in July 2018, the 26-year-old assumed he was fit and healthy.  But the Wellpoint told a different story and Dave avoided serious medical consequences by listening to the Wellpoint and getting medical help.

Dave, an electrical engineer at an electricity distribution company, designs and installs electricity substations to keep the grid running and the lights on for the people around Lincoln.  Dave is also a keen sportsman with a love of football and rock climbing who had just completed a 100-mile bike ride from Lincoln to Old Trafford, the home of his team Manchester United.  So a routine health check on the Wellpoint, which is installed twice a year at his local depot, was a major surprise when it showed a red warning signal for high blood pressure.  Initially doubtful of the reading given his age and fitness, Dave rechecked his score and on the advice of his partner Susan Dower, sought medical advice.

The GP he consulted immediately referred Dave to Accident and Emergency where an electrocardiogram detected damage to the left ventricle.  Through medication Dave has fully recovered, with his blood pressure now under control, and has taken up sports fully once more.

As Susan explained, the presence of the Wellpoint was critical: “The A&E doctor said that due to his age, high blood pressure normally goes unnoticed until it’s too late and a stroke or heart attack happens. I’m not sure that without the health Kiosk being brought to the depot what would have happened.”

Dave Chandler is now fully restored to health, with his blood pressure maintained at normal levels, and able to play football and carry on his passion for rock climbing.  Both Dave and Susan appreciate the Wellpoint for the vital purpose it has served, but also for the general role it plays in keeping the team at his company focused on fitness and wellbeing metrics.

As Susan concludes: “You can tell when the Wellpoint is in the depot as everyone is eating the salads.”

[Names have been changed in this case study to protect privacy]