Network Rail on Track for Better Employee Wellbeing

News / 22 March 2020

Wellpoint Group is excited to be working with Network Rail after being awarded its preferred Health Kiosk Contract.

Wellpoint systems are used at over 150 Network Rail sites, providing automated health checks across the UK and enabling staff to access advice and support to improve health and wellbeing through the integrated app.

Network Rail is the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the railway network in Great Britain. A public body reporting to the Department for Transport, it has over 40,000 employees working across the country.

During an initial 3- and 5-month deployment, over 16,500 tests were taken by Network Rail employees. 11,500 users also registered and gained access to the full range of benefits provided by the virtual platform. In addition to these tests, Wellpoint has also developed an MSK identification tool which has been operation across the Network Rail business since January 2020.