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RWE Case Study

RWE is an international energy company suppling power from wind, solar, gas and biomass RWE in the UK has a workforce of around 2500 staff. The company takes an empowering approach to health and wellbeing where the individual takes the lead and the company is the enabler.

RWE has a fleet of 2-3 Wellpoints that are available to move between sites with the aim that every employee checks their health at least once per year.  Rather than imposing a timetable, RWE has empowered each site to take responsibility for wellbeing checks with a “wellbeing champion” at each location.

According to Robert Manson, Head of Occupational Health & Wellbeing RWE Generation UK, the empowerment approach is crucial to wider adoption: “By being ground-up and not top-down we get the sites to want to have the Wellpoints.  Some sites want it every two months now.”

RWE has also seen strong adoption of the Well.Me digital tracking wellbeing tracking app with around 20% of employees now using it. With many of the employees working shifts around the clock and some located off shore, it was important to RWE that the Wellpoint system and Well.Me service could operate autonomously and track vital health indicators such as blood pressure with no human intervention.

RWE also sees variance in attitudes to health and wellbeing between the traditional renewable divisions:

“We see a big difference between the typically younger employees working in the renewables business compared to those in the gas and biomass generating business,” explains Robert. “The renewable employees are very keen on health and wellbeing programmes and use the Well.Me app. Those those working in the power stations have been working in the business for many years and require a slightly different approach and a bit more encouragement.”