Well Informed

The Wellpoint is the physical measurement system that provides precise data on the employees’ vital health metrics. This data is fed into the Well.Me digital platform, along with external factors such as exercise, nutrition and sleep, to enable the employee to track and understand their fitness profile and make lifestyle changes as required.

Well Equipped

The Wellpoint delivers precise metrics
across a range of vital indicators including:

Weight and BMI

Weight data is combined with height information
to calculate the critical Body Mass Index (BMI).

Body Fat

The Wellpoint calculates a Body Fat percentage
using bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a key indicator of health risk
and the Wellpoint uses highly accurate technology
to record the systolic and diastolic pressure levels.

Heart Rate and Age

Accurate heart rate measurement is combined
with other data to calculate the employee’s heart age.

Well Analysed


The Wellpoint uses medical-level precision in the recording of all health metrics. This avoids “false positives” common with wearable devices and provides confidence in the results for the employee.


The Wellpoint is integrated with the Well.Me digital platform. Once registered on the Wellpoint, employees’ results from measurements are automatically uploaded to the tracking system for personal analysis.


The Wellpoint is typically located in a company’s communal employee areas such as office foyer or cafeteria to encourage wide user participation.


The Wellpoint enables employees to check health metrics in privacy and an “anonymous” mode even allows individuals to check health progress without registration.