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  • Well.Me Announces Workplace Vaccine and Symptom Tracker

    News / 07 December 2020

    Well.Me, the leading provider of corporate health metrics and tracking systems, has today announced the launch of a new set of physical and digital systems to support COVID-19 track and

Well.Me Announces Workplace Vaccine and Symptom Tracker

News / 07 December 2020

Wellbeing Specialists to enable symptom checking, localised “track and trace”, and workplace-wide digital COVID freedom passes for some of UK’s largest employers

Bupa Partners with Well.Me for Health Tracking Service

News / 10 November 2020

Well.Me, a leader in employee health monitoring, is collaborating with Bupa to bring workplace health tracking to employees in the UK.

The collaboration will provide health monitoring stations to Bupa Health Service’s business customer’s workplaces and a health tracking software application included within the Bupa Be.Me app.

The app will be available to Bupa Health Clinics customers who attend one of its new health assessments launched in September, enabling them to record metrics such as blood pressure, resting heart rate and BMI. This will help users identify trends and take action to make positive lifestyle changes. Bupa is also looking to introduce it to insurance customers in future.

“The provision of health monitoring and tracking by Bupa Health Services for its business clients opens up a new world of health management for employees,” explains Keith Lewis, CEO of Well.Me. “The COVID-19 crisis has shown us the importance of maintaining optimal health and the need to manage conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure.

“Through the Be.Me app, users will have the tools to monitor and track their key health metrics and we are delighted that Well.Me has been able to play a major role in delivering this service.”

Alongside the tracking of health metrics, employees at selected Bupa Health Services client sites will be able to actively monitor their health measurements through the Wellpoint health stations. This data is then fed into the Be.Me digital platform, along with factors such as exercise, nutrition and sleep, to enable the employee to track and understand their fitness profile and make lifestyle changes as required.

“There has never been a time when the monitoring and management of health has been more important,” says Sarah Melia, Managing Director at Bupa Health Clinics. “Well.Me has been an integral partner in the delivery of the Be.Me app and together with the deployment of Wellpoints we hope to make a real impact in improving the health of the nation’s workforce.”

Well.Me Appoints New Chief Medical Advisor

News / 22 September 2020

Well.Me is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Stan Shepherd as its Chief Medical Advisor.

Brand Refresh as Well.Me Launches New Website

News / 30 July 2020

Well.Me is proud to unveil a refresh of its digital identity with the launch of a new website to coincide with updated branding.

Early warnings from Wellpoint sparked medical intervention for electrical engineer

Insight / 22 July 2020

When Dave Chandler checked his blood pressure in July 2018, the 26-year-old assumed he was fit and healthy.  But the Wellpoint told a different story and Dave avoided serious medical consequences by listening to the Wellpoint and getting medical help.

Wellpoints to Drive Better Employee Health Across BMW Europe Sites

News / 29 March 2020

Wellpoint Group is excited to announce its expansion into the BMW European market.

Network Rail on Track for Better Employee Wellbeing

News / 22 March 2020

Wellpoint Group is excited to be working with Network Rail after being awarded its preferred Health Kiosk Contract.

Wellpoints Offer Gateway to Improved Employee Health at DP World

News / 22 March 2020

Following the successful deployment of Wellpoints at its Southampton facility and London Gateway port, DP World has extended its contract with Wellpoint Group into 2020/2021.